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walking in the light: a life in photography

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Earthquakes and photographs

On my long driving trip to Winnemucca, I had lots of time to think, and not surprisingly the recent earthquakes around the world weighed on my mind. One of the most surprising facts about the Chilean quake was that it was so massive that geologists say that it caused the earth to spin differently--enough so to make our days a nano-second shorter. Talk about power.
This thought came back to me as I was sitting in a workshop session looking at the wonderful and powerful images of Jodi Cobb, most of whose work has appeared in National Geographic. The impact of her photos caused me to realize that a great photographer can make the world actually stop. Like the impact of an earthquake, a photo that is perfect and clear and revealing of life can make the world frozen for all to see. Complexity is illuminated when the earth can stand still for 1/250th of a second or whatever shutter speed Jodi Cobb or any of us might be using. In her work I saw what I have alluded to before--A Moment's Monument.